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Tickled Pink has been raising money for Breast Cancer Care and Breast Cancer Now (formerly Breast Cancer Campaign) for the last eighteen years and has raised £43 million so far. This year Tickled Pink aims to raise a further £5 million to continue supporting the amazing work of Breast Cancer Care and Breast Cancer Now.

This year, we are encouraging everyone to lend a hand for Tickled Pink. It’s easy to get involved either by making a donation on line or in store or by purchasing a Tickled Pink products available throughout September and October. Or why not offer a further helping hand and hold your own fundraising event to raise money for this amazing cause? However you choose to support Tickled Pink, we would like to thank you – we couldn’t do it without you and your generosity is helping us make a difference to thousands of people affected by breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Care

Breast Cancer Care is the only specialist breast cancer support charity working throughout the UK. Our specialist nurses, local services and vital emotional support network help thousands of women and men waking up to the harsh reality of breast cancer every day. 

Someone is newly diagnosed every 10 minutes. As incident rates continue to rise the urgent need for our services increases. We want to be there for everyone affected by this disease to support them as they make life-changing decisions about treatment, cope with relentless hospital visits and the debilitating side effects of treatment

We are very proud of the free local and national services that we provide but people still tell us that they wish they had known about us sooner.  We need to reach more people at a point when they need us most. So we have an ambitious aim to double the number of people we help by 2020 and money raised through Asda’s Tickled Pink campaign will help to ensure we can do just that.

This year’s Tickled Pink funding will enable key local services such as our Moving Forward course to support thousands more people living with and beyond breast cancer.

Moving Forward: Preparing for life after treatment is crucial. Breast Cancer Care’s free four-week support courses help provide face to face support and expert clinical information on how to cope and adjust to life after treatment.  

Fiona Takahashi took part in Moving Forward in Glasgow.  She said “The intensity of the experience we shared on the course meant that we all became very close and this new network of friends is a huge support for me. I finished the course a year ago and I really feel it helped me move on after breast cancer; I was able to acknowledge what had happened but it no longer defined me. Without the course I would have struggled to get back to some sense of normality.”

To find out more about Breast Cancer Care’s support services, go to www.breastcancercare.org.uk

Breast Cancer Now

Right now, breast cancer is at a tipping point. More women are surviving. But more are being diagnosed than ever before. One in eight women in the UK will face breast cancer in their lifetime. And every 45 minutes, another woman dies from the disease.

We’re going to change that.

We’re Breast Cancer Now, the UK’s newest breast cancer charity, formed from the merger of Breast Cancer Campaign and Breakthrough Breast Cancer – and we're dedicated to funding research into this devastating disease.


Research has made incredible progress, but despite all we’ve achieved women are still dying from breast cancer.


By acting now, together, and in partnership with Asda, we believe that by 2050 everyone who develops breast cancer will live.


Asda is a founding partner of the Breast Cancer Now Tissue Bank – an incredible and unique resource which provides high quality breast tissue samples to researchers across the UK and Ireland. The Tissue Bank is vital to research and has already facilitated some ground-breaking discoveries. This would not have been possible without your support.


Money raised through Tickled Pink will enable Breast Cancer Now to fund the best and brightest researchers across the UK. Our research focuses on four critical areas – preventing breast cancer, improving early detection and diagnosis, improving treatments and secondary breast cancer. All of this work has a single one goal in mind: to stop people dying from breast cancer.  


But research is just one part of the plan. Your support will also help us to take the discoveries we make in the lab and work with policy and decision makers to make sure that progress happens – whether that’s campaigning for an innovative new treatment to be made available on the NHS or promoting proven ways to reduce the risk of the disease in public health messaging


To find out more about Breast Cancer Now visit breastcancernow.org



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Our lovely Asda colleague Ruth who took part in the 2015 Breast Cancer Care London Fashion Show, has written about her experience of taking part in the show.

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New approach found to tackle breast cancer hormone therapy resistance

Breast Cancer Now funded researchers have discovered a new explanation as to why women with oestrogen receptor positive (ER+) breast cancer develop resistance to hormone treatment, and a potential new approach to overcome the problem.

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Here From Day One

Breast Cancer Care have launched a new campaign called ‘Here from day one’

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Managing a Breast Cancer Diagnosis During the Summer Season

Holidays should be about relaxing and having fun, a week of escapism away from the daily stresses and strains. So plan ahead and don’t let breast cancer stop you from enjoying your summer holiday.

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Scientists identify key to preventing secondary cancers

Leading scientists from the University of Sheffield and University of Copenhagen have identified a possible key to preventing secondary cancers in breast cancer patients

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Make a donation and help the cause

Donations given through this site will be donated to Tickled Pink (registered charity number 1153433)


  • Can buy 100 microscope slides, essential for laboratory experiments.


  • Can sequence a sample of DNA, searching for mutations in its genetic code.


  • Can buy culture liquid, needed to grow breast cancer cells in the lab.

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Breast Check

breast check

Be breast aware

Across the UK, around 50,000 people, including 400 men, are diagnosed with breast cancer every year. Breast cancer is now the most common cancer in the UK. Whilst incidence rates are increasing, people are now living longer with the disease. They are more aware of breast cancer and along with the NHS screening service, this can lead to earlier detection. People also have access to improved treatments, thanks to advances in research.

Read or download our guide

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About Breast Cancer

Do you have any questions about breast cancer or breast health? You can get in touch with Breast Cancer Care and Ask the Nurse by email and one of their expert nurses will get back to you. If you need more information about breast cancer visit the Breast Cancer Care website or call their Helpline on 0808 800 6000.

Breast cancer and you

Breast Cancer in Families

Moving forwards

Treating breast cancer

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Breast Cancer Campaign Research and Achievements

In the last twenty years, the campaign to overcome breast cancer has gone from strength to strength, and more women are outliving the disease than ever before. But, it's still the most common form of cancer with around 50,000 women diagnosed every year in the UK. That’s why Breast Cancer Campaign exists. Through our life-saving research we offer hope. We passionately believe we owe it to everyone touched by this disease; mothers, daughters, husbands, sons, and friends to explore every avenue to overcome and outlive breast cancer – in our lifetime.

Through the Tickled Pink campaign, Asda colleagues, customers and suppliers have enabled us to continue to fund research projects across the UK.

Here are a few examples of our life-saving research and how it is helping to transform the lives of people affected by breast cancer.

Dr Jeremy Blaydes

Chemotherapy is one of the most common cancer treatments and is hugely successful in eliminating cancer cells and treating the disease. However, over time some women develop resistance to chemotherapy rendering the treatment ineffective. Dr Jeremy Blaydes and his team at the University of Southampton have made significant progress in finding an alternative treatment to chemotherapy after resistance by discovering a new way to target a breast cancer cells’ appetite for over-indulging in sugar. The drug, being developed by scientists in Southampton, exploits a new link identified by Dr Blaydes’ team between sugar processing in the cells and their growth and division. This approach to treating breast cancer offers a real alternative to chemotherapy as it targets the active cancer cells and not normal cells, reducing the risk of side effects that affect thousands of women undergoing treatment.

Prof Diana Harcourt and Dr Fiona Kennedy

Tickled Pink funding has helped pioneer psychosocial research into DCIS (ductal carcinoma in situ), a form of cancer where the cells are enclosed in the breast ducts, and may only “invade” the rest of the breast in half of cases. However, currently we don’t know which half will go on to become invasive breast cancer. Breast Cancer Campaign’s Professor Diana Harcourt and Dr Fiona Kennedy interviewed patients to understand their experiences of having DCIS and then made recommendations to standardise information about the condition, encouraging healthcare professionals to make information about diagnosis to treatment decisions easier to understand. Their work has informed a website which offers stories about women diagnosed with DCIS making information more easily accessible for the 4,800 women in the UK diagnosed with DCIS each year.

Dr James Flanagan

Dr James Flanagan, a Breast Cancer Campaign Scientific Fellow at Imperial College London has been looking into how molecules that sit on top of our DNA (an area called epigenetics) could help with early breast cancer detection and diagnosis. Dr Flanagan uncovered the first strong evidence that the amount of a molecule called methyl attached to a gene can influence women’s potential risk of breast cancer developing many years in advance. By piecing together how methyl molecules are added to our DNA and how this effects risk, doctors and scientists can look to create a blood test to help identify those at highest risk helping doctors to monitor and one day even prevent breast cancer ever developing. These findings also provide insight into the development of other cancers, including lymphoma and leukaemia.

Breast Cancer Campaign Tissue Bank

Money raised in 2014 will also allow us to continue to invest in vital research projects across the UK so that new interventions, new treatments, and better information and support reach patients quickly and efficiently.

We are optimistic about the future. Working together in partnership, Asda colleagues, customers and suppliers are helping us raise awareness and ultimately save more lives. Thank you for your continued support.

When the world's leading scientists told us that the biggest barrier to rapid progress was a lack of access to high quality tissue, we were determined to remove it by launching The Breast Cancer Campaign Tissue Bank. Tissue samples are the closest a scientist can get to the actual disease before testing in patients, so a huge amount of breast cancer research relies on significant volumes of high quality samples. By increasing access to such samples, we will accelerate research; and by standardising the collection of tissue, results will be more reliable, bringing greater benefits to patients, faster.

Asda is a founding partner of the Tissue Bank and money raised by Tickled Pink in 2014 will enable Breast Cancer Campaign to continue supporting the Bank, which is vital to research and a major step forward towards finding the cures for all breast cancers.

We now have over 30,000 samples from more than 5,000 patients and these samples are available to all breast cancer researchers across the UK and Ireland.

In addition, for some of the patients who donated tissue to the Bank we have at least five years’ worth of anonymous information about their disease. This is valuable information for researchers to help understand how to reduce the risk of death from breast cancer for patients in the future.

One of our centres has been undertaking cutting edge work and growing human breast cell cultures from donated tumour samples. This unique and valuable resource has recently been made available to researchers, and Tickled Pink has helped us to achieve this.

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